Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Websites That I Recommend

I spend quite a bit of time reading on the Internet. Thankfully, the people of God know how to use the technology that man has created using the tools given him by God in order to bring glory to the Creator. I read a lot of theology and apologetics, as well as Biblical scholarship. All of these are important topics about which Christians should have an understanding and knowledge. A very helpful Apologetics website. They follow a rather Calvanistic theology and I disagree with them on several areas, including in the area of Calvanism. Their apologetics articles on Bible difficulties and articles on other religious movements are very helpful and have been used by God to strengthen me in my walk. A great site that answers various questions about the Bible, theology, and apologetics. Like CARM, I've found this site to be very helpful. This is probably the greatest website I've seen on Creationism. They have many articles on the Evolution vs. Creation debate that rages in society. These are not the only things they write about in their apologetics either. They follow a Young Earth view on Creatonism. This is another very useful Creationism website that also discusses Bible difficulties and other difficult questions. They follow an Old Earth view on Creationism. This is quite possibly my favorite theological website. This is a defense of not only Apostolic Pentecostalism, but also Christianity in general. God has given me a lot of revelation from this site. I use a lot of their ideas in my writing. Apostolic theologian Jason Dulle's blog. I read him more than any other theologian and find him to have great insights into God's Word. He also writes on This website is ran by Assyrian scholar and native Aramaic speaker Paul Younan. This website has his Interlinear translation of the Aramaic Peshitta (which is incomplete, but goes all the way to Acts 16) and a forum that discusses the topic of Aramaic primacy (the belief that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic). I post on here quite frequently. If you don't use it for anything else, use it to read and study Paul Younan's Interlinear. Netzari Jewish scholar Andrew Gabriel Roth's website. This also contains articles on Aramaic primacy and Messianic theology. I disagree with him on quite a few things, but I find him to be a brilliant scholar. He is also the translator of the Aramaic English New Testament, which is definitely my favorite complete translation of the Peshitta that has been done in the last few years. Reverend Glenn David Bauscher's website. Bauscher is the translator of The Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English, The Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament, and The Aramaic-English Interlinear Peshitta Old Testament (The Torah). I can definitely say that as a scholar, Dave Bauscher is top notch. As usual, I disagree with some of his theology, but find him to be one of the most intelligent people involved with the Aramaic Primacy movement. He has several articles which detail his evidence and findings that point towards Aramaic as being the original language of the New Testament writings. Steve Caruso's website. He is an Aramaic linguist who is trying to reconstruct the Galilean Aramaic dialect of Jesus, which differs slightly from the Eastern Aramaic (Syriac) of the Peshitta. He has several articles giving details on the Galilean dialect and also teaches it on this website (for a fee). I disagree with him on the origin of the Peshitta, but find his information to be quite edifying. This website is ran by former Aramaic primacist Raphael Lataster, who is now a Greek primacist and an Atheist. He still keeps this website up for those who believe in Peshitta primacy. This has many interesting articles giving evidence for the originality of the Peshitta. My favorite feature though, is that you can read various Peshitta translations online here. The translations done by James Murdock, John Wesley Etheridge, George M. Lamsa, and Paul Younan are available for your viewing pleasure here. This is the best website to use for studying the Aramaic Peshitta itself and comparing the various translations and different ancient texts to what the Aramaic itself says. This website is ran by Lars Lindgren and Stephen Silver. You can use several different Aramaic-English Lexicons on here, do in-depth analysis of the Aramaic text. You can also download Peshitta and other important Aramaic New Testament manuscripts, including the Khabouris and Crawford codexes.

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