Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Objections To the Deity of Jesus Answered Series

Sorry that I haven't put anything up in a long time. It's been hard to think of anything to write. I haven't even been doing a lot of work on the commentary for a long time. I've decided that I would speak again concerning the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, as it is probably my favorite topic. More specifically, we'll be giving responses to the various objections people give to the belief that Jesus is God in the flesh.

An individual's stance on this issue is one of eternal implications. The apostles, the church leaders of old, even the Old Covenant writings teach the Messiah to be God incarnate. The question that Christians struggled with in the 1st century was not whether or not Jesus is God, but whether or not He is human. Now, the reverse is going on, with multiple Christian sects breaking off and forming their own religions founded against the idea that Jesus is Yahweh Himself.

These people that deny Jesus's divinity have many good arguments, but they also show a lack of understanding of Christology and of the Scriptures. You can't pit Scripture against Scripture; you need to understand Scripture in light of Scripture. In this series, we will examine these various arguments and show why they don't disprove the fact that Jesus is God.