Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aramaic Vocabulary: Deity

While I do not speak Aramaic yet, I know a little bit of grammar and some vocabulary. I thought I would share some of what I know. We will start with Aramaic names and titles for God:

Mar (Mahr)- Lord
Mara (Mahr-ah)- The Lord
Mari (Mar-ee)- My Lord
Maran (Mahr-ahn)- Our Lord
MarYa (Mahr-Yah)- Lord Yah/Lord Yahweh/Lord YHWH/Lord Jehovah
Alaha (Ah-lah-ha)- God
Alah (Ahl-ah)- A god
Alahi (Ahl-ah-hee)- My God
Alahan (Ahl-ah-hahn)- Our God
Amanuil (Ah-mahn-oo-il)- Our God is with us
Miltha (Meel-tah)- Word, manifestation, instance, substance
Qadisha (Qah-deesh-ah)- Holy one
Rukha d'Qudsha (Roo-khah-dah-qood-shah)- The Holy Spirit
Rukha d'MarYa (Roo-khah-dah-Mahr-Yah)- The Spirit of the Lord Yahweh
Rukha d'Alaha (Roo-khah-dah-Ahl-ah-hah)- The Spirit of God
Abba (Ah-bah)- Father
Abbi (Ah-bee)- My father
Abun (Ah-boon)- Our father
Yeshua (Yay-shoo-ah)- "Jesus" or "Joshua".*
Meshikha (Meh-shee-khah)- Anointed One, Messiah, Christ
Rukha d'Eshoa/Yeshua (Roo-khah-dah-Ee-shoh/Yay-shoo-ah)- The Spirit of Jesus
Rukha d'Meshikha (Roo-khah-dah-Meh-shee-khah)- The Spirit of the Anointed One, the Spirit of the Messiah, the Spirit of Christ

*This is the most ancient pronunciation of the name of the Messiah in Aramaic. Over time, the Assyrians began to pronounce it as "Eshoa" (Ee-show) or "Eshoo" (Ee-shoo).

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  1. I have a question for those who are more familiar with Aramaic, is the word´´meshikha ´´related to the word mexicanos or meshicanos? this is a honest question can you please answer? thank you.