Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Who Created God?"

Christians and Atheists alike are strained in order find the answer to this question. The concept of an eternal God is difficult to comprehend as finite beings. Since everything else had a beginning, why shouldn't God have a beginning as well? I believe that God gave me the answer to this question.

Time itself has a beginning, as does the physical universe and everything that it is made up of. Genesis 1:1 opens with the words B'reshit bara Elohim, which is commonly translated as "In the beginning God created" (though Artscroll's translation of the Tanach suggests it should be translated as "In the beginning of God's creating"). "The beginning" is clearly the beginning of time. If God is creating at the beginning of time, then this means that God existed before time and the rest of creation. My belief is that God is able to transcend time because He is ultimately the Master of it, being the creator of time. All created beings are bound by time because we are created in it. God is not bound by time or it's limitations. Eternity is the absence of time, and God is eternal. So God, unlike every other intelligent being, does not have to have a beginning because of His transcendence of time. I know this was a brief article, but I hope everyone enjoyed it! This really helped me and strengthened my faith in the God who is eternal: Yahweh.